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Cantine De Falco

For over half century we have been producing high quality wines, joining to the traditional craftmanship of wine-making the innovation of high-tech production's methods. Our company is located in Novoli, a place in the heart of Salento's wine producing area at few kilometers far from Lecce. Our vineyards by which we produce our fine wines are all concentrated in the Salento among the provinces and municipalities of Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi.

The deep know-how matured throughout years by the founder, Salvatore and the passion of his son, Gabriele, have set the basis, that allowed them to the continuity and to open the wines' production towards new markets, in Italy and above all abroad, where it's highly appreciated among the other wines, their Primitivo and their Negroamaro.

Our focus is saving our identity and mantaining the name of our family indissolubly bound to the activity of wine-making. This is enabled thanks to the steady and tireless work that everyday animates us in facing new challenges, with the main purpose to obtain a product of excellence.

In our wines we protect all best natural features gifted by our generous land, by our climate and above all by the Salento's sun, however with conviction that the wine production process has to be based upon processings and machinery technologically advanced.

We perfectly know all characteristics of our grapes, of estates where they come from, of must because only this way we can obtain better and better wines. We personally follow all production's stages with the same care and attention, from vines' growing until the final wines bottlement.